How to Donate to

How to Donate to

Contribute donations 

Please consider supporting me running and growing this art and photography prints initiative by donating from 10 euro to

Thank you very much.

Donations with Credit Card or international Bank transfers (SEPA, iDeal)

 Scan the QR code below to Donate safely with Credit Card/ Bank transfer

Scan QR code to Donate from € 10 to


Donations with PayPal

Use the link to Donate safely with PayPal:

Donate from € 10 with the link: PayPal.Me/kinokast


This helps me build and sustain a Carbon Neutral art printing shop in partnership with theprintspace while keeping it in the air with new photos and fresh magic!


 CO2 Carbon Neutral Art Prints from theprintspace

Thank you again so much,

keep in(-)sanity!




Prices include VAT and standard shipping by theprintspace. No framing nor mounting included. This special reduction does not apply to extra working costs that may infer from requests for any (new) custom print.


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