bAIs: AI and Bias in times of generative images (Feb 2023)

bAIs: AI and Bias in times of generative images (Feb 2023)

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Need more proof of AI's current cultural and racial white male bias?

There is already a war going on for some time . . . maybe a wAIr?

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Producthunt about Bart the new Google AI Fiasco?

The Guardian article

My entry for openAI, DALL-E for this particular image was literally:

'Crayon drawing of discussing Babushka dolls of all races in all sizes in snow landscape, digital art, hr.'

Kind of plain...
Note that this image is part of a serie I made of 5 incremental DALL-E prompts (all results are quite different on similar theme), from which the former 'generate' images action (follow the button) was added the term 'conversation'.
Indeed, in this image, notice the conversational setup? I mean why are the Matryoshka doll 'in front of one another' in this image?
Is it displaying the hidden inheritance of Opposition of sex and race contexts?
I don't know.
All I know is what I see.

Now read the image visually, iconographically, ethnographically, and tell me what you think the scene is depicting? Brainstorm this!

To help me explore more, purchase an exclusive print of the AI generative image at I call 'Art Ingestions' there:

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