About design coaching

Coaching/ mentoring personal development for mid-career UX designers

I am starting a part-time one-on-one coaching (or mentoring) practice that is directly accessible and low-budget* to mid-career to senior-level user experience and product (strategic) designers.

Having combined coaching and mentoring activities formally or informally with commercial projects, educational tenures and along my artistic work for more than three decades (yes makes me sound like late boomer but yes, I rather feel like a GenX), my approach is humorously critical, as light-weight as need be, and practically to-the-point.

My style is informal and is not focussed primally on formal framing of efficiency nor solely job-finding oriented. I tend to personally focus rather on co-developing harmonious growth in a sustainable life-work balance vision, and action plan that addresses the useful professional goals and the needed creative skills of current trade.

Coaching creativity and UX design research is aligned!

How To Set Personal Development Goals for life-long learning

Being a creative myself, experienced UX and UI designer while also still practising artist and photographer, I am deeply moved by the mission to help people find fulfilment and a lasting sense of belonging and balance in their design careers and long-life learning and creativity.

As a personal development coach with 5+ years of experience, I've helped working designers/ professional teams, mid-career to management individuals, and UX-UI and product creatives and researchers to navigate and match their growth plan through one-to-one coaching.

Identifying areas for personal growth and defining a clear plan to hone them can have a significant effect on your life and career. These individual development goals may help you to learn new things, strengthen your abilities or become more effective or resilient in your role as a designer.

What is personal development and how you can set personal development goals to advance your career or find motivation, resilience or better balance in your creative working life.

Interested to jump into your personal growth from here? I imagine this is not a simple step. To get to trust any individual for helping you grow perhaps for the first time, demands dedication and action!

So take it a step at a time ;-) And when you like, let's just go through it during a first 15 min. introductory, free video meeting and see how this could be interesting and helping you to start off with your plan.



I am also a happy member of the co-organizers team for the online community at The Fountain Institute. Join us at the Guild of working designers!

When you you are thinking of forms of coaching and wish to contact me for information, please select one of the booking options below (one-on-one video meeting).

I will be looking forward to meet and will respond as soon as I can to schedule this. reach me for any related questions here: mentor@kinokast.org.

* Mentor can be a low-budget plan

Please note that my coaching sessions are typically 1-on-1 and are taken remotely via video conferencing apps Zoom or Google Meet.

The price per session is set at € 1 per minute (minimum duration of session is set at 45 minutes). So each mentoring session will be billed a modical pre-paid amount of € 45, only. There are no refunds. When the session is missed for whatever reason, it will be rescheduled for free.